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Welcome to SpiritLight Healing!

My name is Lisa Janine Cloud, and I'm an intuitive empath and a channel for healing energy.  I dedicate this site to 

Seekers of the Light, whether experienced Lightworkers or just beginning your journey. I hope you find something here that will help you along your path, that will open your mind or touch your heart and encourage you to continue to reach for your  Highest Good, and the Highest Good of Creation.  


Summer Special-Save $10!

Red Road/Blue Road Spread regularly $50, 

now only $40. 


The Red Road/Blue Road will help you:
  • Seek guidance and perspective from the Ancestors and your Higher Self through the symbolism of the Sacred Path cards.
  • Discover how your Earth Walk or Red Road intersects with the Blue Road of the Spirit.
  • Call on the Ancestors for assistance with facing your current challenges.
  • Learn what gifts the Grandmothers and Grandfathers may give you when you walk a True Path.


Or, if you just need a quick look at what's going on with you, then try a Spot-Check Reading for only $20! 

To order,  click below or email me for other arrangements. For more information about readings,  see the Readings Guidelines 

Red-Road, Blue-Road-$40
Spot Check Reading-$20

For the latest news and personal views,  visit the blog on my Yahoo 360 page, or my Multiply page. 

Please feel free to email me for more information about readings or anything else on this site. Also let me know if you'd like to receive email updates and special offers.

Seeking spiritual guidance?  Emotional perspective? 

Try an Intuitive Reading by email or instant messenger.


Choose from several Individual readings that cover any  concerns you may have. I use cards, channeling, and whatever other methods 

necessary to achieve the desired result. Each reading is unique and 

tailored to your needs at that particular moment. We can address your health, relationships, employment as well as specific spiritual questions.  Available by email or by instant messaging.  

See below for details. 


"I gotta tell ya..... I'm pretty impressed at the depth of the reading.... it covers a LOT, in a big way."  Jeannie 





"Lisa, you have put your heart, mind and soul into this. I am so grateful for your work.  I feel like a ton is off my shoulders and chest. Thank you so much." Ginger





Email readings
Numerology Profiles
Basic -$35
Personal -$45
In-Depth $50
Business -$75
Instant Message Readings
Synastry -$75
Basic -$35
If we've discussed a reading rate other than those listed here, or you've received an email with a different rate, please use the "donation" button and enter the amount.
Thank you for  your Order! 
Astrology requires a great deal of time to provide accurate, insightful reports targeting your areas of interest. I'm not able to devote the amount of time and effort to be able to provide the level of quality on which I insist, so while I still will draw up a natal chart for reference during a reading, I've affiliated with a wonderful site called The FutureMinders for natal charts, horoscopes, and a variety of reports targeting romance, money, family, career, and many other areas.  In fact, the daily and weekly email horoscope uses your chart to send you the most personalized horoscope available.

Click Here, for Love Horoscopes and Compatibility Reports!

Your True Love Horoscope Forecast for today
Your True Money Horoscope Forecast for today
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